Due to the work commitments of all our associates, the lab is empty during the weekdays. That is why we require first-time renters to arrange for an orientation with us. This is for us to run through some house rules, equipment/chemical usage and storage, so you can use the lab without any assistance.

The orientation session typically lasts 3 to 4 hours. Paper and chemicals will be provided for. As the name suggests, the orientation is targeted at those who have done wet prints before. But for the un-initiated, we will still walk you through the whole wet print process to get you started. The session is personalized to you so let us know your experience in the darkroom with wet prints. We regret that the orientation can only be held over the weekends.

For those who are looking for a more comprehensive black & white photography workshop than the orientation conducted by us, we know one conducted by a local film photographer.
Although the workshop is not conducted by Analog Film Lab, it is held within our premise. Therefore, the orientation requirement for rental will be waived for renters who have attended the workshop.

Do contact us if you have any more questions regarding our darkroom servings.

Welcome to the dark side!