QDo you still do E6 processing of slide film?
We most certainly do! We even figure in control strips to our processing every once in a while, to check that color deviations are always within strict tolerance levels.

QWhere do I send my films to? And how do I make payment?
Just send the films in a padded envelope to:
Analog Film Lab
My Mail Box 887960
Singapore 919191
In it, please attach this printed form with your name, email, return mailing address, and order details filled in. For sheet film, do ensure that the films are in a light-tight enclosure that is not susceptible to accidental creasing or folding during shipment.
Once the films are processed, we will send you an email invoice for the processing fees and return postage, together with the bank transfer details. And the films will be on their way to your letterbox shortly after.

QDo you have a shop or studio?
No, we do not. However, we do have a darkroom where we process our films and make wet darkroom black & white prints. As we do not operate there full-time, we would prefer that films are mailed to us.

QWhat other film processes do you accept?
We also accept C41 color negatives and black & white negatives for development. Do add 50% to the price of each roll or sheet, where push/pull processing is required.

QWhat formats of film can you handle?
We can handle 135, 120, 220 roll films and 4x5 sheet films.
Please contact us separately before you send your film for other film formats.

QDo you offer scanning in addition to film development?
No, we do not. However, we are looking into the possibility of providing scans that are suitable for smaller prints or uploading to the internet. So do stay tuned for that.

QDo you offer printing services?
We have started providing traditional darkroom black & white printing services for the discerning few who still long to unlock the rich tones from their black & white negatives. We do not, however, provide digital printing services.

QHang on... did you say you have a darkroom?
Yes, we do! And it's equipped with a couple of 4x5 enlargers, that print 35mm, medium format and up to 4x5 negatives. Our darkroom is also equipped with a print exposure analyzer that computes exposure time and compensation for paper grades!
The darkroom is available for rent, for you to make your own prints. We also provide personalized half-day orientation and familiarization sessions to get you started if you're unfamiliar with the darkroom printing process.

Please contact us to make arrangements.